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Italian Adventure

Coming soon will be some fabulous photographs from our Italian adventure. We will be taking in Lake Garda, Milan, Verona and Venice on our travels, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary this September. Watch this space late September/early October for some amazing photos.


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Eastbourne Tennis 2009

We were priviledged to attend Eastbourne’s International Open 2009. This year both women and men were competing, a mixture that Devonshire Park hadn’t seen for several years (certainly not in my lifetime at the event). There was spectulation that the tournament would not be the same; that having the split would ruin the whole event. Nonetheless, we headed to the Sunshine coast for our annual trip with our gear. I’m pleased to announce that the tennis was as good as ever, if not better (perhaps John would disagree, although he stated that it was run as if it was two different tournaments) and I only experience one slight technical hitch throughout the eight days. Please visit our site to view this year’s photographs. John’s tennis photos are to follow shortly.

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